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Pep in Your Step

Are you finding it a challenge to keep that pep in your step these days with uncertainty and change knocking so closely at our individual and collective doors? Decisions are required, more accurately more decisions are required, ones that weren’t considered a year ago.  For example to send or not to send your kids to school, wear masks out in the community, or just in stores, social distancing in your respective bubbles or not, hug or not to hug, what to do about your job (if you still have one to return to), go back, work from home, find another, follow that lead, create a new one—all at the same time addressing the forever present everyday necessities like bills, food, shelter, health, kindness and respect?

There’s a lot going on inside our bodies physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and outside in our world. What to listen to, what to watch, how to navigate the immediate obstacle, dilemma, entanglement, situation that meets us head on regardless of whether we want it, or choose it. It is there like a monster chomping at that door—and we have a choice—respond or react. It is the only choice we are capable of making in any given moment.

For me, writing becomes my go to practice to sort out all the conflicting emotions, judgements, opinions, beliefs, values, and in the act helps me make the decision I face in the best way I can at that given moment. I have seen people write pro and con lists; explore their values as it relates to a specific situation; write freeflow exploring their conscious and subconscious emotions and mind; use poetry to capture a moment in time and from that make a decision; jot down solutions on different pieces of paper, fold them to place in a bowl and at a later date pick one and consider it a solution; or write just to explore emotions and thoughts. All are valuable ways to manage decisions of any kind, big and small.

Using the power of the pen to help us manage and navigate our lives in times of crisis is a tool that we ALL have at our finger tips. Now is an excellent time to either begin or develop the practice. It is a release from much of the baggage we carry, the stress that accumulates, the conflicts that arise within and without.

Our health—heart, mind, body and spirit—can be taken care of by this simple yet powerful act of kindness to ourselves, and decisions can be reached through the power and act of writing from inside out whenever we choose. In the act itself gratitude starts.

Writing Practice: Take up a pen, grab paper and write freeflow—lists, emotions, thoughts, challenges, hopes, dreams, or anything else that comes to mind—the process will help release tension within. Do it as frequently as required. It is an act of kindness to yourself.         

Author: Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons champions individuals and groups to write4health. Her PLAYshops use writing as a path to unravel glitches, blocks, and stumbles, gain insights and keys, and develop a writing practice for personal health and wellness. She uses poetry, prose, photography and memory keeping as means to access inner knowing. Her focus is mental health and pain management. She advocates a mind/body connection. To contact email: writingmybrain@gmail.com In-joy!

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