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Enter the silence of your Soul.
There, truth resides waiting to burst into openness.
Pay attention to its cadence.
Its quietness will set you free and show the way to live your life with choice and intent.

Readily we think silence
Energizes, and it does however,
Finding that quiet time means
Leaning into it—gracefully
Each moment, which calls for attention,
Clarity, consciousness and communication
To ourselves—especially when
Insights bring a certain uncomfortableness naturally,
Ordinarily, however when we choose awareness over
Numbness every time, stillness emerges wondrously. 
Tending gardens and trees
Rejuvenates our connection to the whole
Energetically speaking. Digging
Earth, composting witnesses’ cycles
Soothes our very soul, bountifully.

Writing Practice: Acrostic Poem

Pick a word (or more, a sentence even) that resonates for you. Take the first letter of the word/s or sentence and write them vertically in your journal. Start each line with a word that also begins with the letter of your subject. Do it quickly then take the needed time to hone as you choose! Enjoy. Within process, gems surface.


What’s up doc?…

leaf-sept2-blogI’ve taken an extended break from blogging and have decided to get back into the swing now that September and Fall temperatures (at least) have come into being.
Not only have I been “caught up” in summer as we all have one way or another, I have been questioning the intention and purpose of a blog.
Initially it became an impulse in alignment with the launch of my book Writing My Brain and building an author’s platform responding to the “perceived” pressures of social media- however, that waned rapidly because whilst I saw its benefits along with marketing initiatives, the creative instinct got muddied with the deadline I set for myself —to “post” weekly.
No doubt about it, the “perceived pressure” was as real as any other. Two other elements caused some angst:
1. As a predominantly private person, blogging is highly public
2. And really, there is so much prattle on this planet, am I simply adding to it?
You’ll be glad to know, or not- that I am unresolved regarding this inner dialogue.
A final outer question is—am I simply adding to information overload? Do I have anything valuable to add to any conversation? Is it best to stay silent? I do like silence.
Let me know if you’ve “caught” a sense, a drift, a whiff of this via my posts of the past SVP, and please feel free to provide feedback—good, bad or indifferent.
I have chosen to post this in response to an email from a friend who was kind enough to mention she missed my post! I do have highly supportive friends for which I extend silent gratitude. Thank you.
So with that in my heart, I will continue to post sporadically and look forward to your comments.
Cheers for now…