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Big Shit in Our World of Instant—

Bobcat in my yard…what a gift

The first duty of love is to listen—Paul Tillich

Listening is an act of love; however I am split between contradictions. One being, the act of listening really means paying attention, and paying attention really means listening with both attention and focus, and the second being—trust my silence—for a different time.

An act of listening is something I find myself appearing to do, however my mind wanders. It wanders in a multitude of directions: what is really being said; how do I respond to this in kindness and respect; how do I navigate this expression ; what do I have to offer in this situation; to name a few of the things going on simultaneously in my head.

I consider myself a problem solver. When someone talks to me, I am ready to find a solution to their situation or dilemma and provide feedback that may or may not be in service. Repeatedly, especially within my family, I am reminded they are not looking for a solution; they just want to be heard.

This is a constant reminder to me, to stop with the interjections, pay attention to what is being said, and hold-off saying a darn thing. Be silent. I have noticed that waiting for right timing to respond takes time, often weeks, maybe even months before that particular person is ready for a response, or can actually hear what is being offered. And I have to remind myself that perhaps that time will not arise, and be willing to let it go.

This is a challenge; hold my council. Be silent. There are two things at play with me over this: simply I may forget what I wanted to say and second, in the event the topic arises again, will I be able to respond in the moment?  But the cool thing about this unrest I experience, I also know that when I breath into my heart, wait, then move into trust, my heart will express itself through my voice, and what needs to be said, will be said.

The challenge lies in the instant need to get, give, and receive feedback whether it is on one of our varied devises or in person.  It seems to me, because it is so difficult, that holding council is the true gift of love. What I mean by holding council is by waiting for another time, trusting that what needs to be said, will be said, and breathing into the heart to provide the necessary words of expression—big shit in our world of instant.

Taking and giving that space is essential for our mental and physical health and it is really, in my view, my first duty to love. The second is to listen and void all my questions, hold back my own words, and trust my heart to lead me to the right time when that person is able to listen and a mutual conversation arises out of love, listening and hearing.

Writing Practice:  When you find yourself faced with wanting to give guidance, hold back, listen to what is being said by the other person, breathe deeply, again and again; breathe deeply. Wait. Stay silent. Speak if you are so moved.  Journal your experience; how did this new practice feel? What did you discover?  Is the practice something you are willing, ready, and able to integrate into your life? What are your challenges, break throughs, and insights? Journal some more.   

Off the top of my heart…





I asked a friend today what I could blog on this week and she suggested “trust”. Coincidently yesterday,  I picked up the Vision Cards for the Possibility PLAYbook that is to be published by Stories that Matter at the end of June 2014- and one of the cards is TRUST- so in compliance with a friend’s request here goes-

So why is trust one of the twelve Vision Cards? Because when I reflect on the past seven years of healing, trust has been one of the many challenges which I could (and won’t today), prattle on about ad infinitum, and the card itself represents much of it for me.  I will share a little today…

For example the rock in ice (top left-hand corner) doesn’t (in the left-side of my brain- the logical and sequential), make any sense at all- and come-on, in the air? However it does fit, and seems un-alarmingly placed there, and in a reassuring way confirms that an intuitive authentic resonance makes sense in a holistic sense without doubt- so in mid-air -it resides.

Trust, for me is about intuitive authentic resonance. Whether it makes sense to others is of little importance. To my inner core values it is essential. Why? That resonance makes each of us who we are in alignment with our authentic self. That may mean our spiritual self- it may mean how we interact with others, it may mean our compassion for others, it may mean how we earn livelihood, it may mean how we approach change, view world events, it may mean our relationship to ourselves, friends, family, community and the planet or, all of it, and none of it.

Resonance —is action in-search of congruence— and for me that takes oodles of trust; particularly in uncertainty of which there is all-ways plenty.

Back to the image: The “us” in trust reminds me that it is in the “us” attitude of congruence that all becomes possible; including personal and planetary health and wellness.

That “togetherness” means: how we act, how we speak, how we adapt, consider others, the environment, those in conflict, in poverty, other economic climates….

How we join together to bring about global congruence will take trust—an intuitive authentic resonance regardless of those that disagree. It is through trust-full acts of kindness and consideration (an ability to walk a mile in another’s shoes), that transformation can take place, and personal and planetary health and wellness can blossom in congruence. Let’s face it, life depends on it.

There is much more to share regarding trust—however off the top of my heart you have a piece…


(Next week I am away, and will post again on my return)