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Ice Circle


In October I was out in the garden beginning to build a stand with pallets for a water tote to hold rain water for my garden next year. I didn’t have a plan, I had an idea.

I have found that plans are a tad daunting—for me at least. Going out and creating from an idea is a wonder-full process—for me. I am invariably surprised at how well for example pieces of wood fit together that were without purpose for a long while, lying around—and how, with attention or perhaps trusting the process allows both opportunity and synchronicity to fall into form. I am no carpenter (as the last structure buckled under the weight of water will attest), no craftsman—but I do trust the process and allow its magic to reveal itself to me step by step.

It is that de-light-ful moment when they come together and there is recognition of that trust that makes me smile. It is a smile of remembering interconnection and knowing grace is there to embrace and evoke that memory. Training our eyes and heart to witness those links and moments is a life time journey; one of practice, one of miss-takes (my favourite), one of attitude. It is how our attitudes and perspectives have the capacity to influence and alter outcomes, and that our choices make it all possible.

The thin ice of the circle frozen on its container reminds me of fragility. In the time it took me to level the first pallet it melted one drip at a time. Its beauty and wonder held captive for an instant in its perfection. That fragility and perfection surrounds us. Recognizing it is magical.

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It is what it is…


IMG_2484  Ever had one of those days where nothing has gone quite the way you planned? Being a neophyte when it comes to blogging I naively thought, follow the directions and bingo-bango, I’ll have a blog! Weeell- not quite like that, for me at least. I get the hang of it a little bit after a friend’s assistance and slowly go through the ropes- no worries. I’ve always said I’m like the tortoise- I get there in the end. I may think I’m a hare, but really…

So having put up my first blog about the book launch- wow, I’ve got a couple of likes and followers and I think I’m in the game, or more importantly, I’m in the flow. I’m a little chuffed with myself- but, not for long.

This week rolls around – and I think I’ll put up a video of me reading from Perhaps Held Before Paper- winner of the 2013 Sharon Drummond Award for poetry. I have this nifty little prototype of me reading one of the poems in the chapbook- Stillness– and some awesome piano music by Gary Still (Restless Hearts), and a few images of my own. I am ready to post- but to my chagrin, I have another learning curve on the horizon. The 3.05 minute video is in the wrong format to upload.   I go for a walk.

It happens to be a beautiful sunny, and for winter here in Black Diamond, Alberta, a warm afternoon. The birds are out chirping their warm-day tunes and a good deal of ice is melted from the sidewalk making it a brisk walk rather than a slip n’ slide.  Not being an Olympian, I am thank-full for bare sidewalks. My restless heart is eased by my body’s fluidity.

So the day, thus far, hasn’t quite gone as first conceived, and I ask myself- in the big scheme of things, does it really matter?  Of course this is a question I often ask myself- and I know the answer in my heart of hearts.

It is of no-matter, unless I pay attention to it and then it becomes matter. By paying attention, observing or attaching then, and only then by golly- it becomes matter- and part of my own foolishness. So, I simply let go of the idea of what I have planned and conceived for my day, and simply go with the flow of what my day has presented to me, and focus on the wonders rather than the blocks. It is part of the joy of being alive—